Santosh N. Prathap Moola

Personal information

  • Early stage researcher
  • Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
  • Sturlugata 7, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Office: Askja 262
  • Telephone number: +354 770 6751
  • e-mail: 

Research Interest

My project is mainly based on interactions between water and rock, specifically on magnesium –ferrous-silicates with water in presence of hydrogen sulphide. The major goal of the project is to focus on scale formation occurred during cooling of high temperature geothermal fluids at variable temperatures that range from ambient to >250°C. The research work emphasize on sampling and analyzing two phase geothermal fluids followed by characterization of the compositional and mineralogical variations in geothermal well scaling produced including silica and sulphides from dilute geothermal fluids. The reaction mechanism of well scaling will be modeled from fluid data and mineral scale compositions.