Andri Stefánsson

Personal information

  • Professor of Hydrothermal Geochemistry
  • Institute of Earth Sciences and Department of Earth Sciences
  • University of Iceland
  • Sturlugata 7, 1010 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Office: Askja N-237
  • Telephone number: +354 525 4252
  • e-mail:

Research Interest

My research interest relates to solution chemistry and fluid-rock interaction under hydrothermal conditions. In particular I am interested in the chemistry and aqueous speciation in hydrothermal solutions, both applying various chemical analytical methods for speciation determination and the physical chemistry and molecular nature of the aqueous speciation in high temperature water.  I am also interested fluid-rock interaction and the effects of solution composition, time and temperature on the progress of reactions. I have worked on natural geothermal and volcanic systems, experiments under hydrothermal conditions including spectroscopy and solubility measurements and various types of geochemical and chemical simulations.


Andri's publications