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COTHERM project meeting in Iceland 10th-13th September 2013 2013-10-25 Hanna Kaasalainen

COTHERM project meeting was held in Iceland during the 10th-13th September 2013. One day of the meeting was used to introduce and discuss the various on-going project and synergies between them during a workshop organized by GEORG at Iceland GeoSurvey. The rest of the meeting focused on visiting the geothermal systems in Iceland and discussions between the GEORG participants, and all together three days were spent mostly in the field visiting the Krafla and Reykjanes geothermal systems and powerplants as well as the Golden Circle, with plenty of time for discussions.

Cotherm group members admiring the geothermal system and visiting the powerplant at Krafla.

COTHERM project aims on constructing an integrated, dynamic geochemical model of geothermal systems at Reykjanes and Krafla ( It involves members from University of Iceland, ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

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Geysir at Goldschmidt 2013 2013-10-18 Hanna Kaasalainen

Behind are those sunny days in August when majority of the Geysir group travelled to Florence, Italy! It was a busy week that started with MSA short course "Thermodynamics of geothermal fluids" organized by Andri together with Thomas Driesner and Pascale Benezeth, and continued with the Goldschmidt conference.

There were many presentations, both posters and talks, given by the Geysir group members during the Goldschmidt conference covering quite a range of topics. Jan presented a poster about CO2-olivine interaction experiments and modelling, and Prathap about reactive transport of hydrological tracers. Our new Ph.D. student, Matylda, had a poster about her M.Sc. work on mineral-fluid interactions in tin-bearing greisens, and Snorri about plagioclase dissolution rates he did for his Ph.D. Hanna had a talk about chromium chemistry in natural waters, Nic about sulfur isotopes in volcanic geothermal fluids and Andri presented a study about metal bicarbonate and carbonate interactions. The abstracts are listed in our publication list if you are interested. Also, it is worth of checking out the MSA Reviews volume!

There were lots of interesting talks and posters and new and old friends and collegues in Goldschmidt this year, as always!

Andri and Prathap having a deep scientific (?) discussion in a beutiful Florentian evening. 

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New website 2013-08-13 Jan Přikryl

New Geysir research group website has arrived! Here you can find information about our research, group members and team activities. In near future you could find useful lab protocols, MSDS files etc. too.Team name Geysir is acronym and means Geochemical Evaluation of hYdrothermal Solutions and their Interaction with Rocks. 

Website is still in beta stage and under intensive development.

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