Ion Chromatography

We have 3 different Ion Chromatography (IC) systems, from Dionex (now part of Thermo Fisher).

IC 1000

Our IC-1000, equipped with a simple conductivity cell, is used for the determination of major cations such as Ca, Mg, Na and K in water samples. It is connected to an autosampler and can run automatically.





IC 2000

Our IC-2000 is equipped with a conductivity cell, features an integrated eluent generator. It is routinely used for the determination of major anions (F, Cl, SO4, CO2 as well as Phosophate). It is also used to study the speciation of sulfur in geothermal systems, as it can detect various sulfoxyanions  (SO4, S2O3, and SxO6 ), and has also been set up to be used in combination with the AFS to study Arsenic speciation. The IC-2000 can be taken to the field for the analysis of time-sensitive species.



IC 3000

The IC-3000 is equipped with a UV spectrophotometer. The instrument is used for studying trace metal speciation at the ppb and ppt level.  It has been used for the deermination of Fe(II), Fe(III), Mn(II) and Cr(III) and Cr(IV) in water samples.